Monday, February 13, 2017

Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Minor Plumbing Problems

Being a plumber in Bunbury for so many years, it is quite common to hear the story of a minor plumbing problem snowballed into a huge mess. With our current economy, most people are trying to save a few bucks by ignoring minor plumbing problems, praying and hoping that it will go away on its own. Most of my clients say that the huge plumbing mess they have, started with just a simple problem like failed ejector pump or a leaky faucet. It was just a ‘petty’ plumbing problem they never thought to blow up into a disastrous problem.

As an experienced plumber, I’m telling you that, however, minor that problem is it will never go away unless you have it fixed. So, for whatever reason you have, do not put off the repairs. If you tell me that you cannot afford to have your leaking faucet fixed, then I would tell you to start saving because you might need a few thousand dollars when your entire plumbing system blows off.
For example, a small plumbing problem such as leaky faucet may seem harmless. We often thought that delaying the repairs for few weeks could not do much damage. If you think that way, you are wrong. The truth is, the longer you ignore a minor problem the more it become a major risk.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you shouldn’t ignore minor plumbing problems

1. Cost of Delay

There is always a cost of delay. The longer you ignore the problem, the more you it will cost you in the future. If you ignore the minor problem, it will eventually escalate into a major one. For example, a leaky hot water heater seems harmless. You are just losing small amount of water, no biggie. But, overtime the moisture from the leaky water heater will build up on basement walls and floors and the next you know, you have a messy flooded basement. A professional plumber may charge you few thousands of dollars to repair your flooded basement. If you have a finished basement you have to factor in the cost for the repair and replacement of furniture and flooring. If it is an unfinished basement, then you have to worry about the mold and mildew that may breakout due to flood.
Just think of the hundreds, even thousands of dollars you can save if you had just respond to the minor plumbing problems immediately.

2. Property Damage

In addition to expensive plumbing repairs, ignoring minor plumbing problem may cause damage to your property as well. A dripping faucet or a noisy hot water heater could do any damage, but a flooded floor or a blown up water heater can do serious damage not only to your property but also to health and life of your loved ones too.

Be observant and do not put off the repair of any minor plumbing you detect in your home.  Do not wait for a minor to become a huge mess before calling a Bunburyplumbing services.  Remember that even the smallest leaks frequently turn into bigger and more expensive plumbing problems.

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